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Programs of Study

Career College of Northern Nevada reserves the right to change the sequential offerings of courses contained in this catalog. The College also reserves the right to change course content contingent upon the approval of the institution’s licensing and accrediting bodies.

Completion of all courses, or an approved course substitution, is required for any program offered by Career College of Northern Nevada. Students must successfully complete all the prerequisites to be eligible for graduate status from any program. See individual courses for a list of prerequisites.

Diploma Programs

The Diploma Programs are designed for persons who desire the skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment as soon as possible. These programs train you for a specific business or technical career, which requires competencies in current computer/informational technology.

Associate of Occupational Studies Degree Programs

The Associate of Occupational Studies (A.O.S.) degree programs are designed for persons who desire degree-level training for an occupation or a technical career. The courses and programs of the A.O.S. degree train students for entry-level employment that lead to professional careers in current computer/informational technology. Students also use the A.O.S. degree programs to upgrade and advance in positions they already hold.